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Nov 3, 2017

Dave Balzer and Pat Toner sat down with Ian Philpot at DogFoodCon in Columbus, Ohio.

1:05 We discuss the internet of things and how Ian's team at Microsoft is applying the technology to modern farming to help farming companies track things like the pH levels of an individual plant without manual labor.

4:19 Ian tells us about how we could apply internet of things technology at a smaller scale.

5:20 Ian introduces us to Docker and how we can configure a container to easily deliver complex dependencies to a project.

8:57 We talk about Azure Functions and how they us help build "serverless" applications including some techniques you can use to connect these functions to other parts of your application.

14:38 Building QA environments using slots in Azure Functions and how to test applications built with functions.

16:48 Microsoft is working with police departments to collect info from body cams, smart cars, social media, tons of sensors around the city, and using machine learning to predict when and where officers may be needed. They also include things like face detection and identifying repeat offenders. We also discuss the privacy impacts.

22:40 We also discussed autonomous cars and the dramatic impacts they're going to have on society in the very near future. Including reducing the need for police in general and even how it will reduce the need for things like car insurance since accidents will become relatively rare events.

Ian is a Senior Developer evangelist working for Microsoft. He works with emerging technologies. He uses the full stack development skills he's cultivated over 15 years to work across functional areas, domains, and disciplines. He focuses on using proven patterns and practices to ensure the adoption of these technologies is seamless and unobtrusive.

Ian has worked on Emmy award winning projects and helped customers around the globe to build scalable distributed systems. Cloud technologies, DevOps, and Automation are his focus and passion.

Right now he is focused on building distributed microservices using technologies like Docker and Node.js. These systems deploy and scale themselves. He is also researching Bots, machine learning, and artificial intelligence and how to integrate them into existing systems.

When he is not behind a computer you’ll find him on a trail running, riding his bike, or hiking with the kids.

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